Balancing systems for Grinding machines


Electromechanical balancing systems


• Balancing heads for Flange- or Spindlemounting

The mechanical balancing system for the detection, counterbalancing and compensation of imbalances consists of a balancing head, a highly precise acceleration pick-up and the electronic module. Depending on the design of the balancing head it is possible to integrate an Acoustic Emission sensor. So the extension of the system by an Acoustic Emission Module due to modular design is easily made. This further optimizes the overall performance.


:: balancing head ST

Integrated into all grinding machines with spindle bore our electromechanical, maintenance-free balancing heads (spindle assembly - ST) could balancing the wheels centered. The smallest diameter of the balancing head is 28mm with a max. speed ​​of 20,000 rev/min, the max. diameter for the moment will be 70mm. The balancing heads could vary with the mounting length, assembly ability and structure of the weight (with two adjacent weights or torque-free). We customized a suitable balancing head for your application. AE sensor could integrated in the balancing head and the transmission, whether mounted or externally at the end of the spindle is possible, depending on the design of the spindle. 


:: balancing head FT

This electromechanical balancing head is suitable for all grinding machines without automatic grinding wheel change and has been fixed by a mounting flange on the spindle (Flange type - FT). The transmission can take place via retractable contacts (FTR), with attached transmitter (AT), or non-contact transmission. The sizes range from 50mm - 165mm and a max. speed ​​up to 12,000 1/min are possible. The balancing heads are easy to install and are maintenance free. This is important of the systems, especially for retrofit of machines. Optionally, an AE sensor is integrated in balancing head


:: balancing head 2-Spindle system

Developed specifically for use in high-precision grinding machines, the customized balancing heads can compensate the unbalance of the grinding wheels. Especially for wide grinding wheels or 2 wheels on one spindle, the heads could be used at speeds up to 10,000 rev / min. A compact design, no maintenance and an integrable AE sensor characterize the 2-plane balancing heads.





 M7002 / MA7002

2-Plane-Balancing System

Develped for use on high precision grinding machines the M7002/MA7002 units detects the unbalance on two  planes. The 2-Plane-Automatic-Mode is compensating the unbalance through the new generation of balancer with deterministic balancing function. Fully automatic and at high operation speed will reduce the dynamic unbalance. 


• M6000

The M6000 electromechanical balancing control electronics have been developed especially for use in precision machine tools. The M6000 measures the quantity and position of any grinding wheel imbalance. Compensation is performed during grinding breaks using electromechanically adjusted balancing weights - with high precision, contact free and at operating RPMs.


• M5100

The M5100M combines the monitoring and control electronics needed for electromechanical balancing in order to optimize grinding processes. The device is controlled via the menu displayed on an illuminated, monochrome LCD monitor.



Hydro-Balancing systems


• H6000

The H6000 hydro-balancing control electronics have been developed especially for use in precision grinding machines not equipped with a balancing system at the centre of the grinding spindle. The H6000 continuously measures the size and position of any grinding wheel imbalance during breaks in the grinding process and calculates the size and position of the compensation weight. Cooling lubricant is then injected into one of the chambers of the balancing container - with high precision, contact free, fully automated and at operating RPMs.


• HBA4000R

The Hydro-balancing system HBA4000R is for retrofit of our worldwide known 19-inch rack mounted units HBA3001 and HBA4000 units. Primarily developed for use on high precision grinding machines, the HBA4000R enables detection, evaluation and monitroing of unbalance. Fast and precise compensation of the unbalance is performed by means of liquid media (coolant or oil). It is injected by nozzles into a 3- or 4-chamber circular container, which is mounted to the rotating wheel flange - balancing is done fully automatically, contactfree and at operating speed.


Pre-Balancing systems 

• P6000

During „pre-balancing", the unbalance is measured while the machine is running and compensated by shifting correction weights or by adding defined weights to the wheel clamping flange. The spindle is balanced in one plane or two planes, depending on the application.

:: Spread angle method:
unbalance is compensated by shifting two equally  heavy weights (sliding blocks) to the calculated positions.

:: Fixed position method:
unbalance is compensated by adding defined weights (e.g. screws) at specific positions.


• P6001FD

Manually Single-Plane Balancing

The manually balancing system P6001FD developed for milling- and (vertical) turning machines which are working in a low RPM range. Specially when asymmetrical workpieces have to be handled the vibration should be kept as low as possible in order to increase the lifetime of the bearings and  a better workpiece accuracy.